A look at mailing boxes and other boxes for shipping

Cardboard, Corrugated and Other Types Of Mailing Boxes

Mailing boxes in cardboard, corrugated, and other forms for postal use are widely available in many shapes and sizes.

The importance of packing can’t really be overstated when you are choosing mailing boxes to ship something.  There are also a wide variety of types, and sizes, so finding the perfect one to fit the item that you are sending is essential.  The type of mailing boxes that you use will affect the quality of your items during shipment, and also the manner in which they are received.  For the average person your focus will be finding a box that can successfully handle your items with ease.  But for a business you should consider the ways in which packaging can serve an advertising purpose.

What Do You Need To Ship?

So first consider what it is that you’ll be shipping so that you can get a good idea of which mailing boxes will apply to you.  You’ll want to measure the items length and width, to get a decent idea on the size of box you’ll need.  Packages come in a wide variety of sizes, and knowing which sizes will fit your item is important before you begin shopping.  Otherwise you can end up purchasing packaging that you have no use for, and that’s just a waste of time and money.

From there consider the type of item that you are planning on sending.  Mailing boxes should be outfitted with the proper packing, in order to ensure the security of your items.  For media like books, cds, and dvds, standard bubble wrap will do, to ensure the cases and edges aren’t damaged during shipping.  But for glass, or other fragile items, you’ll want something more, like packing peanuts.  These are best for irregular shapes, or items that require an extra level of security.  Your mailing boxes are going to be going through an awful lot of jostling around, so security is of chief importance.

Where To Get The Best Fitting Boxes

Typically you can purchase mailing boxes at any shipping store, like your local post office.  They have a wide variety of mail approved packages that you can fit any item into.  Typically the average envelope or box will cost you a few dollars, depending upon size and the materials used.  Make sure that the box provides a label too, so that you can properly address each package, as you store the materials.  Also remember to double check the dimensions of the box, to ensure your items will fit comfortably inside for shipping.

Heaving Shipper Options

If you own a business and plan on doing a lot of shipping, you may consider purchasing your own mailing boxes bearing your company logo.  These are good ways to advertise, as everywhere the package is seen it will bear your logo.  That includes the person receiving the items, and also anyone that sees them carrying the package.  It will identify that they used your business, and may pique their interest to become customers themselves.  Plus printed mailing boxes aren’t much more expensive than a standard box, and are well worth the price for the advertising.  Typically these only cost a few cents more per box, than a standard package would.

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