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Bubble Wrap Packaging, Bags And Envelopes

Bubble wrap packaging is great for safely packing any item, with bags, mailers and envelopes in wide supply for your needs.

The simplest way to get letters or packages to other people is to send them through the mail. If you have a requirement to send more delicate or fragile items these need to be packed carefully to ensure they are not damaged and arrive at the recipient in good condition. One of the best ways of protecting an item when sending a package through the post is to use bubble wrap packaging and this is widely available for sale.


Bubble wrap packaging was first developed in the 1950’s and has therefore been around for some 50 years now. It is a clear plastic material that is covered with small plastic air bubbles which provide a cushioning effect when wrapped around an item. This helps to protect it from damage and the bubbles can come in a variety of sizes depending on the shape and size of the item to be wrapped.


Bubble wrap packaging is available in a number of products. The simplest way to pack smaller fragile items is to use bubble mailers. These look similar to standard envelopes, although the inside is lined with bubble wrap. They are available in a range of sizes and are much more durable than standard envelopes. They can be used to send items such as CD’s, jewelry and other smaller items which need some protection from damage when in transit. The cost of these will largely be dependent on the size of the envelope although they are not overly expensive. A set of Scotch 11 x 9 inch bubble mailers, for example, costs $11 for 25 envelopes.

Options To Consider

If you have larger fragile items which need some protection when in transit then there are a number of bubble wrap packaging products available for this. Bubble wrap bags and bubble wrap rolls are a couple of these. Bubble wrap bags come in a variety of sizes and can be used to store and transport fragile items to protect them from damage. They are available in standard sizes up to around 15 x 17 inches and can easily be used to pack a range of items. Bubble wrap roll can be more convenient if you have non-standard shaped items to pack. This type of bubble wrap can easily be cut to suit the shape of the item to be stored and is a practical way to do this. It can be used in offices and factories for wrapping, storing or sending fragile items. It can also be useful for those moving home as a means of wrapping and protecting more delicate possessions prior to packing them in boxes.

Shopping Choices

There are a number of outlets where bubble wrap packaging can be found for sale. To find it in-store a local post office is one of the best options although for a wider selection there are many specialty stores on the internet that have bubble wrap products for sale. Some of those to consider include Packaging Supplies and Sealed Air. Costs will typically depend on size, with the larger the bag or roll the greater the cost. Buying wholesale can be the best option as the more you purchase the lower the cost per item will be. Standard bubble wrap rolls can typically be found for between $15 and $20 per roll depending on the width and length. A smaller bag such as a 4 x 5.5 inch size can cost around $80 for 1,000 bags and this cost will increase as the size of the bag gets bigger.

Final Thoughts

Bubble wrap packaging is a useful product to have available. If you are sending, packing or storing delicate items, covering them in bubble wrap is a simple way to protect them. This should ensure that they remain undamaged and in good condition.