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An Overview On Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a great means of business marketing and promotion, with the ability to do it yourself, and many services and agencies willing to lend a hand.

There is a fine line between success and failure in business and one of the ways in which you can increase the chances of success is to advertise well. For any business or product, advertising can be a key element in getting the message across to the public and there are many way to do this. Television, newspaper and magazine advertising is something that everyone is aware of, although a more targeted approach can be to use direct mail advertising.

What Is It?

Direct mail advertising is typically where you identify a group of consumers that you consider may be interested in a product or service you have to offer and send advertising direct to their mailbox. Different types of material can be sent and this can include marketing letters, postcards, catalogs, brochures and newsletters.

Initially Starting

The first step in organizing a direct mail advertising campaign is to prepare a mailing list. Most experts indicate that you start with your existing customer base and build out from there. Customers can be sorted by zip code and where they live, or by who they are such as male or female, age and other characteristics. There are various resources available such as the Census Bureau where you can find out the demographics of an area by zip code. Once you have identified the typical characteristics of your existing customers the next step would be to target those of similar characteristics as these may also be interested in your product or service.


There are a number of advantages to using direct mail advertising over other forms of advertising. It allows you to target the recipients of your advertising material much more precisely. This is a more cost effective use of your materials as well as being more likely of achieving success. By choosing the number of recipients you can create an advertising campaign to fit any budget you have available. It also ensures that you can put together an advertising strategy that can be easily dealt with. Failing to deal with the received responses to an advertising campaign is just as bad as receiving no responses at all. By using direct mailing you can limit the number of potential responses you will receive to a level that you will be able to adequately cope with.

Companies That Can Help

While it is possible to undertake direct mail advertising yourself, there are also companies that specialize in the service and these can create an advertising campaign for you. These companies can typically assist in identifying a target audience as well as help in producing good quality and effective advertising material. With the experience that they have, they can help you mount a better campaign which has more chance of being successful. Some of the companies that provide direct mailing services include HFB Advertising, Automatic Mail and Kelly Media Group. The cost of their services will depend on the size of the campaign and the input they are required to provide.

Using direct mail advertising can be a simple yet highly effective way of targeting consumers with details of a product or service that you have to offer. If you are considering the best ways of advertising for your company it is therefore a method to consider. It is easy to use it on its own or it can be used to supplement other advertising techniques as part of an overall advertising strategy.