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Creative, Business Oriented Direct Mail Ideas

Direct mail ideas for your business come in the form of many creative marketing and advertising campaign concepts to ensure the best response.

Coming up with unique and great direct mail ideas is important for any business, so that you’re able to really allow yourselves to grow. When you’re building a brand you need a way to ensure that customers know that you exist . That means you need to take time out of your day, to ensure that you’re able to manufacture great ideas that people are actually going to appreciate getting in the mail.  Just sending any sort of announcement is a bad idea, because they are so frequently ignored.  But by actually stimulating your direct mail ideas, you can ensure you come up with that home run, that’s going to guarantee your business gets recognition.

Thinking Outside The Box

First and foremost, one of the most important direct mail ideas that you can come up with, is always going to be simply thinking outside the box.  By really stimulating your ideas in different ways by going beyond the traditional “junk mail” that would get completely ignored, you can really start coming up with ways to get your letters noticed.  So that means you want to think about what you want to stay away from, and that’s as simple as determining what you usually ignore.  Postcards are usually dead in the water, and are something that almost nobody pays attention to.  The same is true about most form letters, as they just have no personal touch.

For additional information on getting these out of box ideas, watch this video put together by some experts in the business.

Important Personalization Ideas

So for starters, with your direct mail ideas go simple.  Self address your announcements, because they are guaranteed to get noticed.  A letter that’s just been printed, and that clearly isn’t something you’ve been expecting is likely to be ignored.  But one that’s been handwritten stands out, because it has that personal touch that gets people curious.  While it may take more time, it’s a great way to ensure that your letters are actually opened.  Once that happens, be sure that whatever is inside is straight to the point.  You only have a few seconds to grasp their attention, so you want to take hold of it with the first line, or else suffer the peril of falling into the trash bin.


What’s more, you also want to include fun incentives, as they are always going to get your mail recognized.  Think about ordering cheap key chains, or something of the like that you can send out.  Not only are these always appreciated, but the people who use them will actually be advertising your service everywhere that they go.  What’s more, direct mail ideas actually aren’t that much more expensive, and it’s usually worth a little extra cash, in order to get people always coming back for more.

Of course, when it comes to direct mail ideas, usually shopping the personalization or promotional stores can be a great way to influence your brain.  Stores like PersonalizationMall.com or 4Imprint.com can really help you come up with some creative incentives to drive the customers wild.  That way, you can really develop some worthwhile direct mail ideas that are going to have your business booming.