A look at mailing boxes and other boxes for shipping

Custom, Decorative Hand Painted Mailboxes

Hand painted mailboxes give your house a custom decorative look, via both posts and wall mounted boxes in a plethora of possible artistic styles.

When you’re looking for some unique ways to dress up the outside of your home, you really can’t go wrong with hand painted mailboxes.  They just have more character than any other type out there, and they really ensure that you’re able to stand out and look truly unique.  You might not even think about just how a box like this can actually affect the way that your home looks, but they really do.  Whether your mailbox is on the side of your house, or all the way down the driveway, you can’t go wrong choosing hand painted mailboxes for your home.

What Makes Them Unique?

What you’re first going to find with these types of mailboxes, is just that the visual designs are so much more stunning and intriguing than any other type that you’ll find.  That’s because they are literally painted by hand, to feature just about any type of design you could think of.  Whether it’s something like leaves, or flowers, as well as vines, you can find all sorts of stylish variations on the norm.  In fact, you can have quite a bit of fun spotting just the type of mailbox you would like to purchase, that you know is going to add something to your home.


Just be sure that you’re still buying hand painted mailboxes that are actually going to be useful to you.  That means you want to get those that actually feature enough security as well as long term durability to be of use.  You want to be sure the box is big enough, but also totally enclosed and tough so that the weather isn’t going to do you any damage.  What’s more, you want to ensure that they feature some sort of metal construction, so that you know they can’t be smashed or abused easily as well, so that you can be sure yours is going to last for years without any problems.

Matching With The Rest Of Your Home

What’s more, you just want to be sure that you’re buying the right style of hand painted mailboxes, so that they really go with the design of your home as well.  That means thinking about a color scheme that while unique, still has the feeling of your home.  Otherwise they can stand out a bit awkwardly, which is going to ruin a bit of the aesthetic of your house, and you really don’t want any type of hand painted mailboxes you choose to do that.  But instead you want to get those with a comfortable color palette that really look as though they belong as a part of your property.

Where To Shop

You can buy great hand painted mailboxes in all sorts of places online as well, so it’s easy to browse the box you want.  Whether you’re looking for a socialite style box, or something that’s reminiscent of the nature and life around you, sites like Amazon.com or even Mailboxes4Less.com are going to have just what you need.  That way you can find hand painted mailboxes that just make your home feel that little bit more special.