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Overseas And International Shipping Rates, Prices

When it comes to international shipping rates for any global or overseas postage or freight, the cost and price will depend on a few factors.

There can be many reasons why people want to send items overseas. This can range from sending cards and letters to family and friends in another country to people who are emigrating and want to transport their personal belongings. Whatever the reason, it is common sense to find out the international shipping rates prior to doing this. This will ensure that you are fully aware of the costs involved and help you better choose the best way to ship items at the most cost effective price.

What Can Be Shipped?

International shipping can be done for items varying in size from a standard letter all the way up to full size container shipping that can accommodate furniture, vehicles and other large items. There are a few options for the method of shipping with the two main options being by air or by sea.

What Decides The Shipping Rate?

Typically, international shipping rates are dependent on three factors. Firstly the method of shipping will have an impact. For smaller items such as letters and packages shipping will normally be done by air and there are a few companies that do this. Companies such as UPS and Federal Express are some of those that can ship packages overseas.

For larger items the options for shipping include container shipping by sea and this is generally the most affordable option. However this is a slower method of transport and it will generally take longer for the shipment to arrive at its destination. However if you have the time available it can be the best option. Shipment by air is generally a far quicker method although is more expensive.

The second factor that will impact on international shipping rates is the country of destination. Generally the further an item needs to be shipped to reach its final destination the more expensive it is to do so.

The third important factor in international shipping rates is size and weight. Generally the larger and heavier an item is, the more costly it will be to ship. This is especially so for air shipments where increased weight generally equates to increased costs. For container shipping, weight is typically less of an issue and generally it is the size that can be fitted into the container that is important. To reduce costs it is an option to rent a portion of a container although if the size of the items being shipped does not permit this then a full container may need to be rented.

Where To Determine Pricing

The simplest way to find international shipping rates is to use the websites of companies that provide international shipping services. Many of these, including Federal Express, Pak Mail, DIY Freight and Transportation Nation have shipping rate calculators on their websites and this can be a simple way to find the cost of shipping an item.

If you need to send an item overseas then it can be a common sense approach to check the international shipping rates to find the most cost effective way of doing this. Shopping around a few different companies should give you some price comparison for shipping an item and this should help you select the best company to suits your needs.