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Customized And Personalized Postage Stamps

Personalized postage stamps are a great custom option, and can be customized with a photo, initials and more for your own personal use.

Most people will have a need to send items through the post on a regular basis and this can be done for a number of reasons. To do this stamps are needed and while standard stamps which can be purchased from a post office are the most commonly used, it is also possible to have personalized postage stamps made. When sending mail to family and friends, especially for important occasions these can be a more personal and fun way to do so.

What Make It Personalized?

Personalized postage stamps are simply where a stamp is produced using a particular design or even a personal photo. There are a few companies that produce these and if you have them made they are US Postal Service approved and can be used in the same way as any standard stamp. This means that if you have to send a letter or package through the post you can put a more personal stamp on it.


There can be many uses for personalized postage stamps. It can be a good option for a special occasion and there are many companies that produce wedding stamps for example. Sending out the invitations is a big part of the planning for a wedding and while most people will give consideration to the invitation itself, less thought goes into the stamp for the envelope. However a good way to add a nice final touch is to use a personalized wedding stamp. Companies such as Artistic Postage and Perfect Postage can produce these and some of the designs which can be chosen include the names of the bride and groom or even a photo of the happy couple.

What Occasions Do You Make Them For?

Personalized postage stamps can be produced for a range of other special occasions and are a good idea when sending birthday, anniversary or birth announcement cards. They can add a nice final touch to the envelope rather than using a standard stamp. Stamps are generally available for a wide range of prices and this can vary from the standard 28 cent price up to $5 stamps. The cost for buying these generally includes the price for having them made plus postage to send them to you.

Turning A Photo Into A Stamp

If you want to turn one of your favorite photos into a stamp a good company to consider is Stamps.com. A sheet of photo stamps from this company costs around $5 to $10 plus postage. Getting some personalized postage stamps made is generally a fairly simple process. This can easily be done over the internet and if you want to use one of your own pictures it is usually as simple as uploading this to the stamp website of your choice and selecting the cost of the stamp you would like prepared. Once completed the stamps are delivered to your door such that for a little effort you can easily have your own personal stamps to use on your mail.

If you like adding a little extra detail to your letters, cards and packages then personalized postage stamps can be a good idea. They can add a decorative touch to the mail you send, especially for important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. They are simple to purchase and as they are Postal Service approved can easily be used on any mail you choose to send.

Here is a great video to help you learn more on making great personalized postage stamps for personal and business use.