A look at mailing boxes and other boxes for shipping

Wall Mounted Mailbox Units For The Home Or Office

A wall mounted mailbox comes in different forms for home and business uses, with locking wall mount models and decorative ones to give you many options.

Most people receive some mail on a daily, if not weekly, basis. A mailbox is therefore a requirement for most properties whether they are residential or commercial. Mailboxes typically come in a couple of different styles which are post mounted and wall mounted although the most common available tends to be a wall mounted mailbox.


There are a few different wall mounted mailbox types available and the one you choose will typically depend on the type of property it is for. A residential property such as a house will typically have an individual mailbox. However larger properties such as commercial office buildings and apartment blocks will more likely have a larger locking wall mailbox which is made up of a number of individual compartments. These typically come in a few different styles with vertical, horizontal and cluster mailboxes comprising a set of individual, lockable compartments.

Materials To Consider

Depending on your preference there are a few different materials that you can choose from when purchasing a wall mounted mailbox. The most common of these is metal with some of those that are used to manufacture mailboxes including aluminum, copper and stainless steel. However decorative mailboxes can also be fashioned from other materials with plastic and wood being the two most common alternatives to metal.


The obvious advantage of using a wall mounted mailbox is security. Having the mailbox attached to the side of your property close to the door means that the mail in it is safer and there is less of an opportunity for theft from the mailbox. It is also safer in that attached securely to the side of a wall it is less likely to suffer damage. These benefits can make having a mailbox mounted on the wall of your home an attractive option. For apartment blocks and commercial buildings there is also the option of mounting the mailbox on the ground floor inside the building and this adds to the security.

What You Need To Know Before Buying

There are a few factors you will need to consider when purchasing a mailbox for wall mounting. Size is one of these and will basically come down to the amount of mail you receive. Having a slightly larger mailbox can be an advantage in that if you are away from the property for a vacation or other reason there is enough room to accommodate your mail without the box overflowing. Other factors to consider include the style of the mailbox and there are many different options to choose from including decorative, antique looking mailboxes to more modern and contemporary styles. It can also be worth getting a mailbox that has a lock as this can greatly increase the security of the mailbox and provide less opportunity for your mail to be stolen.

Where Are They Available?

A wall mounted mailbox is available from many retailers with the internet being one of the best places to look. There are a few web retailers that specialize in selling mailboxes with some of these including Budget Mailboxes, Mail Boxes Residential and National Mailboxes. However there are also many mailboxes available in-store, with discount retailers such as Target and home improvement stores such as Home Depot being places to look. Depending on the size of a mailbox for wall mounting, costs can vary from less than $50 for individual models to greater than $1,000 for larger commercial mailboxes.

A wall mounted mailbox can be a good addition to your property. They are decorative and secure and will ensure that your mail remains safe until such time that you collect it. This makes then worth considering for your home.